Global Brittany

Bretons From Abroad

A global Breton community based on international students

Global Brittany develops and coordinates Bretons From Abroad, a community of Bretons based on the international students in Brittany and alumni.

The goal is to help them becoming full members of the Breton community.

The activities include for instance:

  • Workshops to discover Brittany (culture, economy, places, history, politics, business…)
  • Connecting (internships, jobs, coaching, mentoring, meetings, workshops, events…)

Global Brittany works with dozens of stakeholders (schools, companies, local communities, cultural institutes, associations…) and also supports existing activities.

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Belgian Group

There’s a Bretons From Abroad group in Brussels, Belgium.

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US Group

There’s a Bretons From Abroad group in Boston, United States.

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