Why going global

Brittany has long been part of one of the first economies in the world, the French language being widely used well beyond its borders.

It is therefore harder for the region to adjust, when its share of the world economy is ever diminishing and English is the dominant language.

Although Brittany is changing and there is a growing awareness to the demands of globalization, it is moving slowly and reluctantly.

There are fears of losing control of the country’s destiny, its culture being eroded and the once mighty local business being sidelined when confronted to foreign giants.

However there are good reasons to embrace change. Huge new markets open, with growth such has never been seen before. There are opportunities to share with the whole planet, to spread values, to make the Breton culture known, to show what the region is capable of.

For this to happen, in Brittany as in the rest of the country, people need to understand the stakes and the nature of the current changes. They need to interact with the rest of the world. They need to speak English.

This is what Global Brittany wants to promote.